Gene expression testing

The expertise in validating your mouse models at the molecular level

The gene expression service validates the functionality of the gene product and its genetic modifications introduced in vivo, at the DNA and RNA level (eg. expression level, RNA stability, alternative splicing...).

This service provides the model information required in customized approaches, especially in order to select your transgenic lines developed by random integration, to control your model (knock-down quantitation, validation of the pattern of expression of your knock-in model, tissue-specific deletion ...) and to validate the animals from your clinical phenotyping cohort. Differents techniques are used dependent on your objectives.

  •  RT-qPCR
  •  qPCR
  •  Southern Blot
  •  Northern Blot
  •  Western Blot

The service consists in gene expression testing and gene copy number determination, regarding a mutation and neighbor genes, for either extensive analysis or a minimal evaluation of the mutation in organ(s) of interest. 

Additionaly, PhenoPro provides clients with standardized gene expression offers involving constitutive or conditional Knock-Out mutation (KO or cKO), knock-in (KI) or point mutation (PM).