Our Services

Our mission is to ensure you to work with the most adapted, highly physiologically relevant animal models for your research program. To answer your questions and meet your goals, Phenopro provides you with functional exploration, genetic validation of your mouse models and in vivo preclinical drug screening studies.

Clinical Phenotyping

We provide services in Clinical Phenotyping by addressing most of the physiological systems and covering most of the therapeutic areas, by using genetically engineered mouse models, or spontaneous or induced pathological models.

Clinical phenotyping will enable to:

  • characterize the anatonomical, physiological and behavioral phenotypic traits of your mouse model,
  • validate your target gene and your mouse model (with the possibility to use pharmacological intervention, diet challenge, environmental challenge...),
  • assess your mouse model  to mimic a specific human disease and associated physiopathological processes,
  • perform in vivo preclinical drug screening (target identification or validation, effectiveness, risk assessments, target reorientation...).

 Gene expression testing

We provide services to validate your model and offer a comprehensive nucleic acid analysis of genetically engineered mouse models.

Molecular phenoptyping helps to:

  • compare and choose your transgenic line,
  • determine the number of integrated copies of a transgene,
  • ensure your model is validated with the expected mutation and expression profile,
  • underline potential genetic construction- induced phenotype,
  • determine tissue specific gene expression.